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Christmas Dress!


With my husband’s assistance, my daughter’s Christmas dress was completed just in time. Her great grandfather has a dinner every year around this time where the Christmas gifts are exchanged. This year, it’s being held, well….tomorrow. Lol.


I had been working on her dress for a few days, but, unfortunately, I hit a bit of a bump in the road…namely that every needle that we own wound up missing. Of course.


But, here it is, done and she looks completely adorable. Not that that is a shocker. I mean, look at that face. She could make a gunny sack look cute. 😉 We even got her hair fixed up the way it will be tomorrow.


The front, inside of the dress is lined with a fluffy white fabric to keep her warm.


The back is almost floor length.

Is it a bit much for a simple dinner? Probably. But, what can I say? I looooooove dressing up my little girl. 🙂


I can’t believe it! Oh yes, and a costume…


I just can’t believe how long I have been away. It honestly makes me so sad. But, things are calming down around here, and I have been crafting a little here and there once again.
Nothing polymer clay to write home about, however.

But, with my first post, I thought I might show off my eldest daughter’s Halloween costume. It’s still not quite finished, I’m going to add some plastic spiders here and there, and the day of I am planning on doing her make up to top off her witchy look. Obviously, she is going to need a long sleeved black shirt underneath it, but since I can’t sew…well…lol, that will have to wait until I can get a hold of one.

But, that being said, what do you think of it thus far? Everything was hand made, right down tot he little felt witch hat. 🙂


Now that we are getting rather settled into our place, I might give a tour later on, but for now, I’m just so happy to have found a little time to post. ❤

Show and Tell: Rayven’s Pink in Paris Party


The 22nd brought my daughter’s big birthday party. Yes, there were hiccups, and I think I threw a fit like a two year old sometime before the first guest arrived (some decorations I had made and spent several days on weren’t out, and never got to be).
But, my guests were extremely happy and, most important, so was my daughter.
My two hour long party ended up going over into 5-6 hours as my guests stayed and visited, ate, and were just happy in general. I think that says something in itself, what about you?
Friends and family we had not seen in several years were there, and it felt peaceful and comfortable after it all got started.

Party Highlights-
The Cake Stand
Handmade (and perfected) French Macarons
Tutu and Gumball Necklace Party Favors
The Water Bouncy Mat
Bubble Machine
and of course,
The Cake
The cake and cupcakes were made by a talented bakery artist local to my area. She has a Facebook page if you are from the Kansas City-ish area: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kristys-Kitchen-presents-Guilty-Pleasures/576830295683515
I do recommend checking her out. She is very talented and extremely easy to work with.
The wind and the heat made it difficult for us at times, but since I was more worried about how everything looked when my guests arrived, I had no problem moving the food indoors. The kids were able to stay cool with their bouncy water mat…thing. Well, whatever it is called, they loved it.
Nearly all the decorations used were handmade.

The punch bowl was given it’s own tutu
The backdrop is made up of a piece of fabric, tissue flowers, and tulle garland, pinned to a collapsible clothing rack.
The jars are spray painted candle sticks glue to various glass jars and globes and filled with candy.
The cake stand is a re-purposed chandelier (tutorial found here: https://portiasunexpectedtreasures.wordpress.com/2013/06/16/the-chandelier-cakestand-a-walk-through/).
The balloons are tied with regular balloon ribbon and tulle.
My daughter’s outfit was handmade from top to bottom.
The guests got their own tutus and necklaces, also handmade. (tutorials can be found on my blog here: https://portiasunexpectedtreasures.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/gumball-necklace-tutorial/, here: https://portiasunexpectedtreasures.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/parisian-inspired-necklace-part-2/, and here: https://portiasunexpectedtreasures.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/tutu-party-favors-aka-my-death/)

None of these things would have been possible without the help of my family. My mother-in-law made many of the sweets, including those perfect and utter gorgeous macarons.
My sister helped make the tutus and get the yard set up.
My husband did a lot of the shopping for me and put together the water bouncy mat thing…
My parents cut up most of the food
And my father helped me put together the back drop.

It was a huge team effort.

It was all well worth the effort in the end. Some things were omitted, sure, but the look of utter joy on my daughter’s face is all that really matters.

Thanks for allowing me to share her special day with you.

Show and Tell: The Cake Topper


I made my daughter’s cake topper last night. It’s my first polymer clay creation on such a large scale. It is three inches tall and 1 and a half inches wide.
Different from what I am used to making, where it is normally no large than an inch.

But anyhow, what do you think?
I had to have it confirmed with the talented woman who is making my daughter’s cake (I’m not THAT awesome unfortunately). She wanted to be sure it would fit just fine. Luckily it will.
Can you tell I’m excited for this party?
If you can’t, just imagine me kicking and squealing with delight as everything falls into place.

Honestly, the only reason this means so much to me is…well, actually there are several reasons:
1) She didn’t get a party for her first birthday. Which means, this party is about three years int he planning (I started thinking about this theme as soon as I even thought about having a little girl).
2) Neither of my children have ever been around family for their birthdays. Because of my husband’s military career, we were always thousands of miles away from everyone, and neither of them have had the joy of spending a happy birthday with grandparents, aunts, and uncles.
3) It’s more than just a party. This is to gather up all my friends and family in one place, to talk about things that have happened in out lives, and to give myself something happy and wonderful to remember. After losing my youngest daughter, things haven’t been easy, and this has been a great outlet for a lot of pain I’ve been having to face.
Her first birthday was in May, the anniversary of her passing is in July, so having this month of planning and crafting like crazy has been a godsend in its way.

It’s amazing how much your life can change in such a short amount of time. Last year at this time, I was holding a little baby while making a sandwich for my son and feeding a jar of baby food to my eldest daughter. Dora the Explorer was playing in the background and my son would try to repeat the numerous Spanish word back to her, and my Eldest daughter was giggling at her silly brother around bites. I never could have, nor did I want to predict where my life would be now. The things I have faced, the little angel I had to say good-bye to, and the sudden change in my husband’s career and our day-to-day life.

I am so thankful for my family. If it weren’t for them, well…you’ve heard it all before I’m sure. 🙂

Party count-down: 4 DAYS! Bring it on…I’m prepared for (almost) anything!

Tutu Party Favors: AKA My Death


No sew tutus are fairly simple to make…however, when you have to make 6 of them, they are also fairly time consuming and back breaking.

I know there are hundreds of tutorials out there for the no sew tutus, but let me walk you through it as I make the party favors for the girls that will be at my daughter’s birthday. 🙂

What you’ll need:
Tulle in your choice of colors (I prefer the kind on the spools, generally they come in 6 inch widths and varying numbers of yards)
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue
Measuring Tape
Optional: Ribbon, Flowers, or whatever else you would like to use to embellish it.

Step one is measuring your child’s waist. You need a strip of elastic that is about an 1 inch smaller than their waist (un-stretched). I get my elastic from any craft store and always use the 3/4 an inch no-roll kind. Take your two ends and either hot glue them, or if you are more capable than myself with a needle and thread…sew them. This is what you will be tying your tulle around. It should look like this when you are ready:

Step two will be cutting your tulle in the length you desire. For my daughter, I make all her tutus about 10 inches in length, so you would need to cut your tulle at 20 inches in order to get this same effect. Why? Because we will be folding them in half as we tie them in a moment. Generally, I use between 25 and 50 yards of tulle. Most of the spools of tulle I use come as 25 yards, but again, these vary. Make sure you have plenty. If you daughter is older, taller, shorter, younger, you will have to eye it and see what length you like the most.Image
My little sister is here, helping me cut all of this stuff. Thank goodness for her help, otherwise I would have lost it long ago. 🙂

Step three: tying the tulle to your elastic. Now, I place the elastic band on something round to make it easier, but it really isn’t needed. You will want to fold your tulle in half and slide it under your elastic, loop the loose ends through the hole you created, and tug slightly. Don’t make it too tight, or else the elastic will stretch out too much as you go. Pull it too loose and they will come off and it just won’t look neat.
That all might have been confusing…maybe the pictures will help:

Hopefully that helped a little. Now, just repeat this process all the way around. You can leave it with the singular layer, or, you can do a second layer. I personally always do at least 2-3 layers.

In order to accomplish the second layer, just over lap you first layer. Don’t push them to the side, as this will stretch out your elastic and won’t give you a layered look like you will want to be going for. Here is what it looks like with a singular layer:
Here is me starting on the second layer (sorry for the crappy picture, it just wouldn’t take right):
Here is a tutu with a completed second layer. This is where I will stop on these. Normally I would finish it by ribbon wrapping where the elastic is, but I don’t think anyone will really mind. Simple and cute, just a little time consuming:

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. More to come!