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Small update…here, takes some doodles…


So, the plan is, in the next week or so, to start on some tutorials in preparation for Valentine’s Day. Sound like a good plan? I thought it did.

I’ve planned a couple thus far, and have also been avoiding my computer like the plague. Until last week anyhow. My husband finally located my tablet which had been buried in a forgotten box that was left unpacked. So, I’ve been spending a tad bit of time drawing. drawing, drawing, and more drawing.
Before I show you, does anyone remember Neopets? That cute little game online from years back? I’ve had an account for 13 years, believe it or not. Though, I will admit, I hadn’t touched it until one day I was looking at some old pictures and found one of m holding a brand new hand held Neopets game my dad had bought me when I was little. I had to check it out. Of course, it is completely different now, and the interest is no longer there, but my son finds the little games interesting, and though he can’t really play them yet, I think it’s cute watching him clicking away like mad in his attempt.
Well, long story short, seeing those old Neopets of mine, I got bored one night and decided to draw them…and have since just been drawing more. Nerdy? Yes. Childish? Possibly. But, when you are bored, there are a lot worse things you could do, right?

Anyhow, the doodles!
And the work in progress:

Yep, THAT’S what I have been doing. Not exactly the most exciting thing int he world, but hey, it keeps me occupied!