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And where have I been?


I am sure, if anyone actually was following my tutorial, I have people sitting at their desks, wondering: “Why haven’t you posted the last part yet?!”
Well, let me start with, after I had one visitor, another friend of mine (my bestie actually, and yes, you can still have those at my age), came to town. He has been away at college a while, I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could before he left.
THEN….This happened:

What’s all of that, you might ask? Well, according to the plumber, a pipe burst in the hallway and was back flooding into our apartment. According to the office however? Us and our upstairs neighbors were flushing condoms, diapers, and tampons. So they slapped us with lease violations.
Really?! Who actually does that?! Name me ONE person who doesn’t know not to flush any of those things down a toilet? Just one, and no you can’t use your infant or toddler as an example (and even if my toddlers had access to ANY of those items, they are a lot smarter than people would like to give kids credit for).
So, unless our upstairs neighbors are just the derpiest humans on the planet, and the plumber was completely making up what was happening, I have a feeling the office is just planning on trying to slap a fine on us and our neighbors to get out of paying for their own mistakes.

So, that is what my home looks like right now. It looks like there was a mini hurricane in it, but hey…no biggie office folks. We can just paddle around in the mean time (since they have yet to fix the problem. The outside hallway is flooded as well, and our carpets are soaked once more….what good did it do them to call out the wet vac crew until they FIXED IT?!)

Hope everyone understand. And if I haven’t mentioned it before, allow me to now…I am the biggest bad luck magnet on the planet. Have an awesome week everyone! I know I will…*grumbles*


Chibi Tutorial: Part Four, Connecting The Limbs To The Torso


Sorry it’s been so long since the next installment. My husband got his days off, and then yesterday I got to see a dear friend that I haven’t seen since Christmas of 2011. I felt bad because, honestly, my house is just a giant bundle of boring, but she and I got to just catch up, and that was enough for me.

Anyhow! Back to the tutorial. Today let’s attach those limbs!
I started with the legs, it’s really about preference, though I have always found that when I put the arms on first, they end up getting smooshed, or something along those lines, while putting on the legs.

Smoothing tool
Needle tool
Piece of wire, head pin, or eyes pin
Other chibi pieces we have made

So, grab your torso and firmly (but not so much that you squish anything) place your legs onto the body:
Now, obviously this is for a seated chibi. I will go over later how to make a standing one, and further down the road, I will do a tutorial over clothes (I hate making clothes. That’s why most of my chibi’s are little nudists XD).

Once those are place, you are going to want to smooth out the joints. The joints are where your torso and legs meet in this case:
Don’t worry about correcting any creases or such yet, just get the clays worked together for the moment. We will smooth the rest out later.

Now you can adjust the legs to be in the position you want them. I’m just leaving them slightly angled, but you can do any number of poses:

Now let’s add the arms and do the same steps as we did for the legs:
Great! Now let’s add our piece of wire that I mentioned in one of my other posts…I think…meh, I’ll probably do a list of tools at the beginning after I type all this *ramble ramble*.

The wire is going to go through the neck and down through the torso. Please be careful about not poking through the bottom. Your wire only needs to go to the center of the torso, not all the way down:

Now let’s give the arms a bit of shape. Right now they are just hang there. Since I am going to make this one a fairy, eventually adding wings, I decided to place her on a stick. Clean the stick well before using…I know that sounds stupid, but if you are going to use objects from the outdoors, wash them thoroughly first. Anyhow, I am shaping her arms to make it look as though she is sitting and leaning on the stick:

And there we go. We have added and shaped the limbs to our chibi’s torso. Next time I will go over how to make the head, hair and face (which they may have to be broken up, because they are time consuming and use a lot of very small pieces of clay)!

Chibi Tutorial: Part Three, Making the Torso


Alright, time for part three of this never ending chibi tutorial. Yes, I could end it swiftly and just post all of it together, but the words, and the pictures, and I am just far too lazy for that. I can do only so much in a day. 😉
So, Let’s start, shall we?
For this, you are going to need those tools I mentioned in the first part of the tutorial, along with some others. Like I mentioned in the first one, this is all still just trial and error for me, so I really just use what ever.

So, let’s at least say we need:
The clay
Smoothing tool
Needle tool

Take a chunk of your clay and condition it until it is soft.
Next, shape your clay into a rectangle-ish shape, like so (notice how one end is larger than the other):
Now we are going to add details. Using the smoothing took I mentioned, you are going to work the clay until the broader end has a nice mound of clay pushed toward the front. Pinch the top of the broad end and make a sort of cone shape, hopefully the picture can explain it better than I:
Then you are going to shape that new mound of clay  into two separate peaks, this will be the breasts of your chibi (IF you are making a female, which I am, and normally do). Pinch the midsection in some to give it a nice hour glass shape. It should look something like this when you are done (please keep in mind that I don’t have a great process for this, I just play with it until I get the shape I like):
Now, use your needle took and add the belly button:

And there we have it! The torso!
Next time I will walk you through how to combine all of the parts we have already made.

See you soon! ❤

Chibi Tutorial: Part Two, Making The Legs


Last night I walked you through how /I/ make my chibi’s arms. Tonight I will walk you through the legs.Honestly the process is almost exactly the same, but…eh, why not?

Let’s go back to our clay, shall we? In the first tutorial we were using Fimo Flesh in light. We will be using the same stuff.
Make sure that your clay is nice and conditioned.
 This means to work it until it is soft and manageable.

We are going to need a piece slightly larger than what we worked with when making the arms. Make it into a sausage type shape like this:
Now, use your pinky and roll it to make it look as though your leg has joints, sort of like this:
Do this in two sections on your sausage shape, and you should get something like this:
See the end with the smallest point? That’s the end we are going to slightly flatten to make the foot. Do NOT flatten this as much as you did for the hand. The food should be more blunt and full. You want something like this:
Do these steps once more and look at what we got so far in the tutorial:

Next time I will walk you through the torso. Actually, looking at the pieces like this is honestly kind of creepy, don’t you think? I suppose if you want so creepy cupcake toppers, you could do this same process with some grey fondant, add a bit of red food coloring, and there you have some zombie limbs to stick up in some maybe chocolate frosting? Yum. 😉 Neat for Halloween perhaps?

Anyhow, sneak peak at the torso? Yes, that’s what I shall do:

So, check back, and I will have that up soon!!!

The Month of October: My short article on SIDS and SIDS Awareness month


The month of October is often filled with pink and rallying women, but for this mother, and many other mothers and fathers across the world, it’s filled with bitterness and sadness.

What is it that makes these parents so sad in this month? Pink and blue.

Much like pink represents Breast Cancer Awareness, the ribbons of pink and blue represent the babies gone far too soon. The ones lost to miscarriages, or like my own daughter, the ones lost to SIDS.

SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome; the death in a child under the age of one that just can’t be explained.  These unanswerable questions haunt a parent who has to bury their little ones. An emptiness that is so largely unimaginable is left in their hearts, their minds, their entire lives, and they may never see that void filled in their life time.

When one loses a child, it is a life long struggle, but when you lose a child to something that has no answer, things are never able to be settled. How do you come to terms with a death that has no explanation?

And so, these grieving parents silently slip through the day, surrounded by a sea of pink, their struggles to spread awareness for their own cause largely overshadowed.

SIDS has risk factors, much like any illness or disease. Overheating, tummy sleeping, crib bumpers, premature birth, mothers who smoked during their pregnancy, and infants who are in frequent contact with second hand smoke. The list can go on. Avoiding all the risk factors may be difficult; however awareness of it can help save other parents from the same grief.

Researchers still ponder over SIDS, with thousands of infants being lost to it yearly in the United States alone, according to the Center of Disease Control’s website. For a parent like this one, they are left to wonder why more people don’t know of SIDS, or care to understand it.

SIDS is not hereditary. Unfortunately any family can be affected. It is more common in infants under the age of six months, with the most deaths in ages six to 12 weeks.

According to Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services, vaccinations are not a cause of SIDS. Research has shown that there is a 50 percent risk drop in a child who has been immunized as opposed to one who hasn’t. Breast feeding is also not a risk as research shows that breast feeding actually tends to lower SIDS rates.

However, until a cause for SIDS is found, parents will continue to be confronted by this largely unavoidable tragedy.

Remember while you sport your pink paraphernalia to give a passing thought to these grieving parents. Squeeze your own little ones a little tighter, and if you have an infant, or are expecting, it never hurts to be a little more informed, and a little more cautious.

This is, after all, the month of October. The month of pink and blue.


Chibi Tutorial: Part One, Making The Arms


Well, I know I promised a tutorial over how I make my chibis some time back, and since I had the time, I went ahead and decided to start on it.

Please understand that since I am still a novice at working with polymer clay myself, I don’t have an actual technique. I still very much use a trial and error process. So, don’t use my tutorial as a learning tool really, but maybe just a guide on pieces that you like, and then reform to make it your own. Chances are, you can find a MUCH simpler way to make these than the methods I use. I am going to break this up into SEVERAL smaller tutorials, because honestly, this would just be a ridiculously long post otherwise.

But, let’s start shall we? I can’t give a decent list of tools because I never really know what I am going to be using. But, let’s start with the basics:

1. Clay. The color I am using is Fimo flesh light
2. Ball tools
3. Needle tool
4. A piece of wire, eye pin, or head pin. 

Let’s start by grabbing a nice section of our clay and condition it:
Once that hunk is nice and conditioned, take a smaller piece from it and roll it into a little sausage type thing, this will serve as the arm (yes, I am aware that I suck at technical terms, just look at the pretty pictures, I’m basically useless for explanations):
Now, we are going to use our pink finger and roll it in a couple spots to make it look as though the arm has joints:
Once that has been accomplished, pinch the slammer end of the arm into a flat shape. This will serve as your chibi’s hand:
Do this once more to make the second arm. Be sure to make them as close to the same size and length that you can. Once you have them both done, lay them next to one another and make an angled cut at the start of your arm to shape your shoulders:
Do this cut on the other arm as well. Once they are both cut, you have your completed chibi arms!

Next time I will post the legs. Sneak peak? Yes, that it appropriate I believe:
So, check back often, I will have part two of the tutorial up soon! Thanks for looking!!!

I can’t believe it! Oh yes, and a costume…


I just can’t believe how long I have been away. It honestly makes me so sad. But, things are calming down around here, and I have been crafting a little here and there once again.
Nothing polymer clay to write home about, however.

But, with my first post, I thought I might show off my eldest daughter’s Halloween costume. It’s still not quite finished, I’m going to add some plastic spiders here and there, and the day of I am planning on doing her make up to top off her witchy look. Obviously, she is going to need a long sleeved black shirt underneath it, but since I can’t sew…well…lol, that will have to wait until I can get a hold of one.

But, that being said, what do you think of it thus far? Everything was hand made, right down tot he little felt witch hat. 🙂


Now that we are getting rather settled into our place, I might give a tour later on, but for now, I’m just so happy to have found a little time to post. ❤